About Us

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 PT Birdi Indonesia is a company who is focused to create/manufacture a stylish and comfortable golf apparels to support all golfers lifestyle. The company is established on 2013 but growth rapidly with innovation product and extensive promotion especially via golfer association. PT Birdi Indonesia proudly offers various golf apparel products with highest qualityfor both amateur and professional golfer with brand “Birdie”. Many of these are used and endorsed by golf association. Most of our products can be modified as per request with your company logo, not limited to, golf shirts, golf hats, belts, glasses, gloves and other golf apparels.

Mission Statement

PT Birdi Indonesia primary objectiveis to develop, design and produce the highest quality level product with competitive price as Indonesia’s home brand to compete with multinational brands. Our definition on a satisfied customer is a repeat customer.

Brand and Logo Philosophy

Brand: Birdie shoot is a dream of all golfers when they played this game. It is similar goal from Birdie team to create a product that makes golfer’s dream become reality.

Logo: The logo is created by combining the golf stick appearance and the B letter as first letter of Birdie. The logo is a reflection of our stylish and comfortable products.

Birdie Office