PT Birdi Indonesia proudly offers various golf apparel products with highest quality for both amateur and professional golfer with brand “Birdie”. Many of these are used and endorsed by golf association. Most of our products can be modified as per request with your company logo, not limited to, golf shirts, golf caps, bags, pants, gloves and other golf apparels.

✓ BIRDIE as #1 brand in Indonesia within first 10 year in GOLF segmentation.
✓ BIRDIE as #1 brand in Southeast Asia within first 20 year in GOLF segmentation.
✓ BIRDIE known in the whole world within first 30 year in GOLF segmentation.
✓ BIRDIE as brand with International quality.
✓ BIRDIE as brand that represent the INDONESIAN’s pride and become host in our country.
✓ BIRDIE as company that always adapt positively.
✓ BIRDIE an initial public offering (IPO) in 2030.


PT Birdi Indonesia primary objective is to develop, design and produce the highest quality level product with competitive price as Indonesia’s home brand to compete with multinational brands. Our definition on a satisfied customer is repeat customer.


The brand is inseparable from the term golf birdie. Birdie in golf terms is one stroke under PAR. Score if the player can bat the ball in any hole. The slogan has meaning, it’s time to become a brand that is proud of INDONESIA and become the host in its own country.

The black color in the logo has a meaning that symbolizes elegance, wealth and sophistication, andisalsoan independent color.

Continuous typography logo, has the meaning of collaboration and synergy with colleagues,between other institutions, in order to create and increase mutual added value. Reflecting the spirit of modern institutional professionalism that combines adherence to standard values ​​according to applicable regulations, with a progressive spirit that has flexibility and a humanist and religious touch.