Golf Shirt Male – ST108M

Rp525.000,00 Rp367.500,00

Swiss Tech Inside
Keeps you cool and comfortable
Revolutionary, patented dynamic cooling technology for optimal cooling performance
Cooling is activated by raising body temperature and deactivated once your cooling is complete
Up to 2.5C/4.5F cooler fabric temperature (depending on fabric weight and composition) (2nd Generation)
Exceptional efficiency and durability (100% cooling performance up to 40 washes) (2nd Generation)
Independently tested as safe for the skin
Preserves all the aesthetics of the textile
Enhanced performance and thermal comfort
Most Smart Temp products comply with EU REACH, US TSCA, JP METI, CN IECSC, KR KECL, ZDHC, most RSL regulations and are blue-sign approved and OEKO-TEX conform
Applicable and customizable to fit any fiber type: natural, synthetic, and blends

Golf Shirt Male – ST108M
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